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Ninja ZX-14R Wins Hyperbike Shootout

2012 Ninja ZX-14R 2012 Ninja ZX-14R

The world's most powerful production motorcycle, the 2012 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R has won the Hyperbike Shootout.

Here's some of the quotes from the test.

- …. the Ninja’s powerplant feels like a jet engine---emitting a whooshing noise as it cranks out a smooth stream of power that is so well metered that even a novice rider wouldn’t feel overwhelmed.


- Probably the biggest testament to the Ninja is how in a matter of a few seconds you can be traveling at triple digits speeds but the bike is so silky smooth that you’d think you’re only moving at 40 mph.

- In terms of peak torque the Kawasaki aces both the BMW and the Suzuki. It also generates the most horsepower, belting out just a fraction over 186 horsepower at 10,300 rpm. Not only is it 7.58 hp more than the Suzuki and 10.26 more than the Beemer but this gives the ZX-14R title to being the most powerful production sportbike we’ve ever tested.

- On the street the Ninja delivers a superb ride quality. It floats across road imperfections and the engine delivers minimal vibration through the footpegs and handlebar.

- Don’t let the Ninja’s impeccable street manners fool you though because in the corners this bike has some serious potential.

- Dip the Ninja into a turn and you’ll be surprised just how agile and responsive it feels. Ground clearance is good too.

- Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Kawasaki is not how fast it is nor it’s high-level of comfort, but how crazy easy it is to command. Though it was designed for those seeking the utmost in thrills and straight-line performance we can’t help but think of the words ‘effortless’ and ‘friendly’ when describing what it’s like to ride it. Get out of the way Suzuki and BMW: from the street to the racetrack and everywhere in between the Ninja is the definitive Hypersport bike of ’12 and the clear winner in this year’s shootout.

Visit to view the entire test.


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