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Protect your Kawasaki motorcycle with Kawasaki Insurances.

As a proud Kawasaki motorcycle owner you undoubtedly want a choice of insurance products that offer the best possible protection for your needs. Kawasaki Insurances offer a wide range of insurance options and cover to suit your riding style.


This provides you with cover for loss or damage to Your Motorcycle as the result of an Accident, the Insured Events of Malicious Acts, Storm, Flood, Fire, Theft and Transit Damage (as defined) and Third Party Liability cover.

There are many additional benefits with Comprehensive Motorcycle Cover, including:
• Car Hire up to $500 / 7 days when your motorcycle is a total loss
• Loan Balance Assistance up to $2500 per claim when your motorcycle is declared a total loss
• 3 year replacement of the Kawasaki Motorcycle – Kawasaki Insurances will replace the motorcycle with a new one of the same make, model or series up to 36 months from the date of original registration, if the motorcycle was purchased new and insured under this policy • Personal items – up to $500 per item, $1000 maximum
• Excess waiver for accident damage to Rims or Tyres – if only the rim(s) or Tyre (s) are damaged due to an accident, Kawasaki Insurances will waive the excess which would otherwise apply - up to $2000 max benefit in any Period of Insurance
• Salvage costs – up to $1000
• Repatriation costs – up to $1500
• Riding Gear Cover up to $3000 in any one claim, $1500 per item
• Keys and Locks – up to $1500
• Lay up Cover – available
• Registered Motorcycle Trailer Cover



This provides you with cover for loss or damage to Your Motorcycle caused only by the Insured Events of Malicious Acts, Storm, Flood, Fire, Theft and Transit Damage (as defined) and Third Party Liability cover.

Some of the additional benefits of this cover include:

• Replacement Motorcycle – as per the Comprehensive Cover
• Uninsured Third Party Cover – up to $5000 per claim
• Registered Motorcycle Trailer Cover
• Lay up Cover - available

Read the Full Product Disclosure Statement for full details.



This only provides cover for Your liability to third parties and not for loss of or damage to Your Motorcycle.



This provides You with cover for Your Off-Road Motorcycle against loss or damage from Fire and Theft. It also provides some additional benefits.

These additional benefits are: • Transit Damage cover
• Accidental Damage cover

You are covered for 50% of the cost to repair loss or damage to Your Motorcycle under this benefit. If You make a claim and We agree to repair Your Motorcycle, You will be required to pay 50% of the cost of repairs to Us before repairs commence. The maximum amount which will be paid under this benefit is 50% of the Market Value of Your Motorcy- cle.

Other benefits of this cover include:
• Loan Balance assistance, up to a maximum of $1500.

Read the Full Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

Kawasaki Insurances is available through your Authorised Kawasaki Dealer.



Visit or call 1300 160 294.



Kawasaki Insurance is arranged by NM Insurance Pty Ltd.
Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before you make any decisions regarding this product. This document is designed to be simple and straight-forward to make it easy for you to understand what is included in your cover and what isn’t. If you have any queries that are not covered in the PDS, please contact Kawasaki Insurance on 1300 160 294.
About the Insurers: This insurance is underwritten by AIG Australia acting through NM Insurance as their agent.
About NM Insurance and its services: NM Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 34 100 633 038 AFSL 227 186) of 97-99 Bathurst Street, Sydney (NM) is the administrator of this insurance as agent for the Insurers. NM has been given a binding authority by the Insurers which allows it to enter into policies and handle and settle claims for them, subject to the terms of the binder authority. In dealing with policies, NM acts for the Insurers and not you.

The Product Disclosure Statement has all you need to know about Kawasaki Insurances Motorcycle Insurance – Click Here to download the document.



Protect against, Accidental Loss or Damage, Fire, Theft, Malicious Damage, Transit and your Legal Liability for injury to other people or damage to their property when using your Kawasaki Jet Ski. Your Kawasaki Jet Ski Insurance also entitles you to various Additional Benefits such as;
• New for Old Replacement of Kawasaki Jet Ski in first 36 months of registration.
• Tyre and Rim cover for your trailer $1,500.
• Lost Keys $1,500.
• Emergency land transit $5,000.
• Personal effects covering clothing, shoes, waterproof gear and Manchester $1,500 per item up to $10,000 in total. • Only genuine Kawasaki parts used on repairs.
• Pay by the Month option.
• Lay-up, premium discount for the months your Jet Ski is not in use.
• $10 million Legal Liability cover; including water skiers cover.
• Personal Water Craft Racing Cover - Optional Benefit.
• Personal Accident Cover
Kawasaki Insurances has you covered whilst using your Jet Ski for bodily injuries or death. Should the unthinkable occur you will be covered by a $50,000 death benefit to help ease the burden on your loved ones. As a result of an accident we will also pay $2,000 emergency expenses that you incur as a result of your personal injuries.
The above summary of the features and benefits are not exhaustive and there are limitations and conditions that will apply and which are detailed in the Product Disclosure Statement.
Before making a decision to acquire Kawasaki Insurance you should read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which contains information that is designed to help you understand the policy so you can decide whether it’s right for you. You can obtain the PDS from any authorised Kawasaki Insurances dealer or by clicking on the link below.




Kawasaki Insurances is administered by NM Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 34 100 633 038 AFSL 227186) and underwritten by Zurich Australia Insurance Limited (ZAIL).